The BigRig is a great board for the heavy weights. Jordy wanted to combine a fun
hybrid and performance hence ―fun-performance‖ at it‘s best.

The fuller outline makes paddling and catching waves a walk in the park. The flatter
rocker turns this surfboard into a speed machine because of the greater area it
carries. The generous deep single to double concave allows for more water to pass
through the deep double concave in the tail, giving us lift and putting looseness
under your feet. Thicker boards need more rail engagement, so we have pulled the
rails down to sink quicker with confidence through your tight turns, hacks or power
carves. The BigRig is designed to be ridden in knee to head-high waves and we
have fine tuned the tail for those conditions by increasing some ―tail flip‖ through the
back end. We carry a slight ―Vee‖ through the back fin, giving us a little more rail-lift
to get the board up onto the rail quicker as it slippers out in the tail.

A moderate entry rocker with a little straighter nose lift because we carrying more
volume upfront.

The BigRig carries a wider outline in both the nose and tail area, basically widening
out at 18″ on both sides for a fuller nose and tail. This benefits easier paddling into
waves giving us more confidence when catching steeper peaks or late take-offs.
The BigRig as we generally carrying more volume. The wider outline helps hide
volume/liters on the stringer with dome top deck towards the rail. From the rail
shoulder, we drop off to a down-rail that will engage the face of the wave better.

The deepest concave starts from the center and runs into a double concave just
under the back-foot area and then lifts for better release reducing drag and allowing
for speed carves and off the top hacks. A board for the bigger guys to go faster.


Long Wide Thick Litres
5'10" 20 1/8 2 1/2 31.6L
6' 0" 20 3/8 2 9/16 33.3L
6' 2" 20 5/8 2 11/16 37.04L
6' 4" 21 2 3/4 40L

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