SMTH Shapes Goldfish mid-length

The Goldfish mid-length was designed for surfers looking for a longer board that still delivers significant performance.  We have extended our shortboard version outline by pulling in the nose and tail so as to keep performance in mind.  With the tail narrower, it allows the board to roll over quicker as you will be turning it further forward than your normal shortboard.  It also allows for tighter arks and more control in stepper sections.

With todays more soul and relaxed surfers, Jordy wanted the Goldfish mid-length to be that one board that’s suit all friendlier surf conditions….

With regards to the Goldfish fin setup, Jords and Matty ride it as a thruster setup, especially at beach breaks because they swinging the tail around way more to stay in the pocket.

At J-Bay or other point breaks we prefer the Quad fin setup because of “down the line” surfing, high trimming and leaning into longer drawn out carves. Especially when staying high up on the face at high speeds.


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